Callaway Madison Putter Review
©Callaway Golf

The Callaway Madison Putter retails for $399.99 (MSRP) and it makes for a premium piece of golf gear, a classic Anser style putter featuring an iconic blade and providing amazing feel. Even if the city of Madison in Wisconsin is not the Mecca of golfers, it’s the place where the patriarch of Toulon design was born, and I am talking about Sean Toulon. Hence, the Madison putter can be described as a tribute to Sean, being crafted to perfection in an Anser putter style. Every detail is over-engineered so to speak, from the cavity that frames the ball at address to the rounded bumpers. The putter also comes with tasteful branding and the company’s patented Deep Diamond Mill at the center of the face. In terms of feel, the Callaway Madison lives up to its price tag, boasting a feel that’s definitely premium, there’s no other way to describe it really, due to the combo of 303 stainless steel and the Deep Diamond Mill.

The putter is quiet and feels soft; however, there’s enough crispness built-in to provide you with excellent feedback on your putts. Take it on the golf course and you’ll discover that the Madison performs just as one would expect from a premium and well built Anser style putter. There is some forgiveness here and there, but if you want to make proper putts, you’ll have to stay on (or near) target, i.e. as close to the sweet spot as possible. Moreover, the Callaway Madison putter features an interesting counter-weighting system, that uses the adjustable sole plates and a weight in the grip to create 3 distinct release profiles. As the putter’s head becomes heavier, they add additional weight in the grip, thus creating a more aggressive release. Bottom line, if you’re looking for a solid Anser style putter, with great aesthetics and amazing feel, the Callaway Madison should be on your short list.