Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 Irons Review

    The Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 fall into the category of better-player irons and they retail for $900 in the steel version. After taking them for a spin on the golf course, I can definitely say that they’re among the best irons available on the market, obviously, for the better players. They look awesome and they also feel great, not to mention their loads of forgiveness, especially in the long irons. Talking about design, Wilson did a great job with these babies.

    I especially enjoyed the minimal offset, the thin soles and top lines, not to mention the classy appearance in the cavity. The Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 oozes style and they are more refined when compared to the previous generations. In terms of performance, the FG Tour V4 feels very soft at ball impact and it provides you with great feedback, i.e. you’ll always know how the ball was hit. Precision and forgiveness are maybe the main attributes of these outstanding irons. Wilson’s secret weapon in manufacturing the V4 is the tungsten weighs located into the soles of some of the irons (4-7), greatly improving the launching trajectory of the ball and also retaining a penetrating ball flight. Believe me, these are not just another set of better player irons, au contraire. The DG Pro is an excellent stock shaft which also contributes decisively when it comes to the higher launch, but without ballooning (especially in the short irons). What else I discovered? Well, the V4 irons are solid performers in every aspect and they will never let you down. If you want a piece of golf gear that gives you outstanding control over the ball and sufficient forgiveness in the process, without compromising anything in terms of feel or looks, the Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 irons are the answer to your prayers.