Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 Irons Review

    The Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 fall into the category of better player irons and they retail for $799 the steel version and $899 for the graphite. The first thing you’ll notice about these irons is their high end look and after taking them for a spin on the golf course, you’ll be amazed by the surprising level of forgiveness they offer. The sleek and stylish black matte finish on the FG Tour M3 is awesome to say the least and it matches perfectly the crown on the M3 woods, not to mention that it makes the clubs to appear smaller than they really are.  The overall impression is that they really are players’ irons and I bet that good golfers are going to love them at first sight. After hitting a few rounds with the Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 irons, I noticed that they offer a strong forged feel, which is quite soft but without being mushy. The feedback is excellent, precise and spot-on, and that’s quite expected from this type of forged irons.

    I mean, they really deliver what you’d expect from them and that’s a quintessential feature of a good set of golf irons, if you’re looking for golf gear to improve your game. In terms of performance, these irons are what BMW M3 is for sports cars. I mean, they’re truly all about the game, offering loads of ball control and a piercing, strong ball flight. What I wasn’t expecting from these babies was their phenomenal levels of forgiveness, that’s their most outstanding feature in my view. What’s so cool about forgiveness in better-player irons? Well, you can miss a bit on the toe or heel and still plant the golf ball on the green. And that’s the point of the game, right? Bottom line, the Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 irons are definitely worth trying if you’re looking for top tier golf gear and above average aesthetics. These babies are all about control and forgiveness, and that’s what better players usually demand (me included).