Wilson Staff D200 Irons Review

    The Wilson Staff D200 fall into the category of max game improvement irons and they retail for $600 in the steel version and $700 for the graphite. In terms of appearance, the D200 preserve the Wilson heritage, i.e. they have that classic blade shape, specific for the max game improvement niche, combining beautifully loads of technology well hidden in a pretty attractive finish. Looks aside, after playing a few rounds, I must say that the Wilson Staff D200 are actually super game improvement irons, among the best in this category and given the affordable price tag, they’re definitely on my short list. I’m saying that because what is really striking in this babies is that they’re very long yet very forgiving, offering more consistency and more distance than any other set of irons in this price bracket (and in the max game improvement niche, of course).

    What contributes to these features is their thick sole, the thick top line blended with a lot of offset, things that inspire loads of confidence. If you’re cruising the market for a set of irons which instills maximum confidence and forgiveness, without sacrificing neither looks nor performance along the way, look no further than the Wilson Staff D200 irons. Another great (and rather unusual) characteristic of these irons is their muted, soft traditional sound on ball impact, very different from theclicky sound often expected from max game improvement golf gear. Even if they’re not buttery soft like other forged irons in this niche, they’re among the softest I ever played with and that’s a great thing in my book. With loads of forgiveness and distance, thanks to the Speed Sole Technology, these irons really deliver where it counts the most, offering more ball speed, a high ball trajectory and consistency, round after round. Being lighter than traditional irons due to the proprietary Right Light Technology, the D200 are comfortable and whippy and in terms of performance, they’re at least on par with any other brand/model of max game improvement irons, being very easy to recommend due to their excellent feel, forgiveness and distance.