Wilson Staff D100 ES Hybrid/Iron Set Review

    The Wilson Staff D100 ES fall into the category of max game improvement irons and they are on sale for $599 in the steel version or $699 for the graphite. If you’re that kind of a slower swinger, these irons are a match made in heaven for you, being lightweight hybrids built for launching high shots due to their oversized thin face. Also, they’re the ideal choice if you’re cruising the market for a set of high quality irons focused at increasing distance and delivering loads of forgiveness, without compromising performance (or looks) in the process. Basically, if you’re not a big hitter yet you want more yards plus loads of forgiveness, you must take the Wilson Staff D100 ES for a spin. As per design, these babies truly look the part, i.e. like super game improvement irons, with their meaty sole and thick top line, not to mention their prominent offset. When it comes to sound and feel, the D100 ES are quite firm at ball impact and a bit clicky, and you’ll really feel the ball taking off, whether you strike with a hybrid or an iron. Also, despite their ultra light design, these irons feature great balance, offering excellent control and providing good contact. Performance wise, the main characteristic of the Wilson Staff D100 is their sheer length, yet being relatively light for their size with extremely hot faces, adding up to providing their owner with really long shots from any type of lie.

    If you’re looking for a high end set of golf gear built by a reputable manufacturer for reclaiming lost distance, the D100 are the droids you’re looking for. Another awesome feature of these babies is forgiveness, as they’re among the most forgiving on the market and you can hit the ball almost anywhere on the face without getting punished. I mean, you’ll be able to get the ball up in the air with decent speed and precision, due to the wide sole which keeps the center of gravity low. With the Wilson Staff D100, the game will become fun again as you’ll be able to hit lots of good shots with more consistency, and that’s all there is to it, right? Bottom line, I have no second thoughts about recommending the Wilson Staff D100 ES to any player looking for more forgiveness and more distance from his golf gear, given you’re on the prowl for super game improvement irons.