Titleist 716 CB Irons Golf Irons Review
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    The Titleist 716 CB can be described as an old-school player's iron and it represents a relatively minor upgrade vs the old 714 model.  The CB particle stands for Cavity Back and I must say that the Titleist 716 CB irons are still maintaining the company's simplicity  that we all know and love, together with the looks and performance required from them by traditionalists. Design wise, there's very little difference from the 714 series, as the offset, the topline and the size are virtually identical in this writer's opinion. However, there's something about the cavity of the club, the CB thingy I already mentioned, and a tiny difference in the branding and the curves of the respective cavity. All things equal, the Titleist 716 CB look almost identical with the previous gen at address and show the flag, i.e. the ultimate golf-player look!

    In terms of sound and feel, the Titleist 716 CB irons produce a quiet click upon ball impact, some may say too soft, while the greatest change from the 714 CB is about the feel. These irons have an “easy come easy go” feeling when it comes to hitting the sweet spot, which feels bigger, with more forgiving mishits. Performance is also virtually identical when compared with the previous generation, but the improved feel will benefit you a lot, i.e. you'll be more confident/precise during your swings and the added forgiveness will make low handicap players happy. As my final word, I would recommend the Titleist 716 CB irons to anyone looking for a superior piece of golf gear, an upgrade from the previous generation. These babies will delight you with the same classical design and performance you would expect from a Titleist iron, but the improved feel will benefit your game enormously, in terms of confidence and consistency.