Titleist 716 MB Irons Golf Irons Review
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    If you're a better player looking for a clean, simple blade, the Titleist 716 MB are a logical choice. These traditional irons play in a niche where players are not desperate about high tech gizmo and innovations. Despite the marketing palaver and, you know, the various kinds of forging processes, the different kinds of steel and finishes, when the books open, a classic blade will remain a classic blade. The easiest way to describe the 716 MB irons is that they're a classic muscle back which has not changed a bit (okay, maybe a little) from the last 714 generation.

    And truth be told, I don't have a problem with that, change isn't always a good thing, just ask the dinosaurs. When it comes to looks, the Titleist 716 MB irons are still very old school, with their classic looks, the minimal offset, the compact head size and the thin and sexy topline. If you're a classic golfer, you'll definitely love these babies. In terms of sound and feel, the Titleist 716 MB are very straightforward, with a firm click upon ball impact and very clear when it comes to mishits, you'll certainly be aware of your failures, as they sound…dead. The feel matches the sound beautifully, as the hits off the sweetspot feel divine, in that buttery-smooth way better players love, while the feedback from mishits is very clear to your hands, letting you know exactly what went wrong. Performance wise, the Titleist 716 MB are both predictable and consistent, having the greatest 2 characteristics golf players yearn for: playability and predictability. Bottom line, if you're and old school golf player looking for simple and clean looks, a melange of classic and traditional and consistent playability, these are the droids you were looking for!