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    The TaylorMade Tour Preferred MC fall into the category of better-player irons and they retail for $999 (steel shafts). Usually, when it comes to purchasing irons, you’re faced with this situation: you’ll get either technology or looks, almost never both. If they’re fairly easy to hit, they look terrible, but if they look awesome, they won’t help you much in terms of forgiveness. Here the Tour Preferred MC come into play, being good looking irons which help you hit the greens in regulation, bringing you consistency and forgiveness in a nice form-factor and at a decent price. Basically, these babies are designed to boost MOI (moment of inertia) by combining a shallow muscle cavity with a player’s shape, offering unparalleled levels of feel, stability, workability and on top of that beauty. TaylorMade blended perfectly these ingredients and added into the mix their proprietary SpeedPocket technology to get things even further! The SpeedPocket promotes speed, as its name suggests.

    And by that I mean ball speeds, especially when you hit with the lower area of the clubface; thanks to this technology, you’ll benefit from consistent launch conditions and ball speeds regardless which part of the face you’re striking, and that’s awesome, especially when it comes to those bad days when everything seems to play against you. Well, when this day comes, rest assured: the Tour Preferred MC irons are there to help. The design oozes class, as in beautiful irons appeal to better players. The feel is rewarding, thanks to the fast face which gives the sensation of a soft, nice blow during your swings. Actually that’s an interesting combo of soft and hot, very close to perfection in my book. These irons are very powerful, yet very forgiving, the ideal choice if you’re looking for workable high performance golf gear which gives the ball an ideal trajectory (mid high) and outstanding distance. The SpeedPocket really shows its magic potential when it comes to distance and I highly recommend the TaylorMade Tour Preferred MC to any golf player who seeks an ideal blend of feel, superb performance and beauty in one unique package!