TaylorMade RSi 2 Irons Review
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    The TaylorMade RSi 2 are built for mid-low handicap golf players and they feature cavity back long irons along with forged short ones. Basically, there’s a blend of four distinctive irons into the set. What they’re built for? Well, as you already know, even the best golf player in the world has bad days, when miss-hits become part of the game. There’s even a study produced by TaylorMade which concludes that over 75% of the shots are actually miss-hits. And that’s what the RSi 2 irons are made for. TaylorMade created the ultimate iron that will definitely help you with improving the ratio of miss-hits. The result can be described as a complete success.

    After playing a few rounds with the RSi 2, the improvement was obvious. I was able to hit more greens, I achieved lower scores and that’s because my misses were reduced significantly. The RSi line of irons is the first built with the Feature FaceSlot Technology which offers loads of forgiveness, it generates pretty consistent distances when it comes to those off center hits and due to the uniform “flexion” across the club’s face, the ball speed is protected; all these high-tech features make for an iron which boosts confidence while providing the ultimate performance; I seriously doubt that you’ll be able to find better specs in commercially available irons. TaylorMade uses multiple dampening systems in the RSi 2 that improve the feel and the feedback during your swings. The Speed Pocket which features ThruSlot technology helps with increasing ball speed and launch angle while providing additional ball speed protection, especially with those shots below the center of the club’s face. The Progressive Multi-Material construction, which translated into plain English means basically a composite material, along with all the high end features you’ll find in the TaylorMade RSi 2 irons, makes them a truly desirable piece of golf gear, being a blend of stability, speed, accuracy and forgiveness.