PXG 0311 P GEN2 Irons Review
©PXG Golf

The PXG 0311 P GEN2 Irons make for the ideal combo of forgiveness and playability, as the P stands for Players, i.e. these babies are ideally balanced to please and appeal to a wide range of players, of all skill levels. Now, if you have a few dollars to spare and want to get a taste of the latest and greatest products in PXG’s portfolio, the 0311 P GEN2 Irons are a must-see/must-try. To begin with, you’ll have to be ready to pay a premium price tag for these babies, due to the fact they’re forged/made using super premium materials. Since PXG likes to do things a little bit differently from other lead brands, the 0311 P GEN2 Irons’ distinctive feature is the company’s emphasis on custom fitting. Alas, they look absolutely beautiful, even stunning I may add, and their look and premium feel adds to the overall (premium) experience.

The PXG 0311 P GEN2 Irons are forged using a soft carbon steel and they boast the company’s signature perimeter weighting system, which confers them stability. Also, they are hollow irons, and they’re filled with a special elastomer, to improve both feel and sound. On the turf, these babies perform sensationally, yet the fitting will take some time, effort and commitment to do it properly. However, the end result will worth your while, and if you can live with the hefty price tag, the 0311 P GEN2 are very easy to recommend.