PXG 0311 SGI GEN2 Irons Review
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The PXG 0311 SGI GEN2 Irons are built and designed using state of the art materials, technologies and craftsmanship to appeal golfers looking for maximizing distance without compromising forgiveness in the process. The SGI particle stands for super-game-improvement by the way, i.e. the PXG 0311 SGI GEN2 irons are aimed at helping higher handicap golfers get the ball up in the air with ease due to their massive sole, extra offset and thicker topline. Obviously, the SGI GEN2 irons feature PXG’s signature weighting technology, boasting the now-famous tungsten weights in the back of the head. These weights work by pulling the irons’ COG down and away from the hitting area, thus helping producing higher shots and shifting the ideal hitting area towards the middle of the face.

Under the world’s thinnest face made of ultra-thin HT1770 stainless steel, you’ll find the COR2 technology, a proprietary material with a high coefficient of restitution, that provides amazing feel at impact, while dampening all those nasty vibrations on mishit shots. These irons are built with a longer blade length, more offset, a wider topline and a wider sole compared to other models (especially the XF), to provide exceptionally easy turf interaction from all lies and maximum confidence at address, being ideal for golfers who look for the easiest to hit clubs possible, provided their hefty price tag is not an issue. According to the company, the 0311 SGI GEN2 Irons deliver 5 percent higher moment of inertia than the XF model, thus making for PXG’s most forgiving iron ever produced.