Ping Rhapsody Irons Review
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    If you were ever accused of hitting like a woman, well, the Ping Rhapsody Irons are built just for you. I am kidding, but these babies are indeed created for women, and they’re designed and engineered as highly forgiving irons which optimize distance and gapping through the golf bag. Ping used state of the art materials and technologies into the Rhapsody irons, including lightweight components and composite materials for lowering the overall weight thus making it easier for the player to generate club speed.

    These features translate into more distance and increased ball velocity, especially for golfers with slower swing speeds. Hence, if you’re a woman or a slow swing player, you’ll definitely enjoy playing with the Ping Rhapsody Irons, due to their high moment of inertia and the specially crafted elastomer cavity badge, which is larger than usual for providing a very soft feel, making misses a thing of the past. Truth be told, despite the fact that one may feel intimidated by “for the women” marketing punch line, the Ping Rhapsody Irons are great clubs with excellent feel and using them, you’ll be able to hit beautiful shots.