Ping GMax Iron  Golf Irons Review

    Ping GMax Iron  Golf Irons Review
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    Ping irons are not known in the golfing world to be on the “short size”, pretty far from it actually, but with the latest GMax, Ping brought to life the straightest and longest irons ever! So, all things aside, you can bet that the GMax Irons from Ping are all about distance, and you'd be spot on. Along with distance, the GMax are all about extreme forgiveness too, due to their chunky soles and heads, borrowed directly from the Ping Karsten line.
    But rest assured, these babies are totally different, not just a reiteration of the Karsten, and the main thing that sets them apart is the specially designed cavity of the GMax irons, which comes with the proprietary COR-Eye, for delivering outstanding amounts of forgiveness and that extra-speed I was talking about in the beginning. According to Ping's R&D team, the COR-Eye thingy will deliver an additional three miles per hour to your regular swing, meaning that the GMax will come handy especially for slower swingers, rather than to low to mid handicappers, in terms of distance of course. After taking the GMax for a test drive, I discovered that the forgiveness level across the face is pretty damn' good and it's difficult to tell the difference between a center strike and an off centre one, because the sound and the feel is relatively identical in both situations.

    The sound upon ball impact is loud, hollow and deep, due to the deep cavity combined with the wide sole, which draws the CG (centre of gravity) of the iron deep and low, for achieving the excellent forgiveness level and the high-launch/low spin trajectory for the ball. Ping uses an elastomere Custom Tuning Port on the GMax for altering the feel and the sound of the irons, which is now well hidden (blended) into the cavity's sole, and it looks nice.
    I discovered that the Ping GMax are excellent irons for slower swing speed golfers or for high teen handicappers, which lack consistency and/or require more distance. Basically, Ping continues their nice tradition of building super forgiving irons, and that's what the Gmax are really all about!