Ping i Irons Review
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    The Ping i fall into the better player irons category and they retail for $1000 in steel and $1100 in graphite (MSRP). According to some reviewers, the Ping i Irons are actually game improvement clubs which are housed in the shape of a better player/players iron, however, these babies are absolutely outstanding in terms of easy launching and forgiveness, being fairly easy to use and making for a great introduction for golfers looking to a better player’s club without sacrificing the features of a game improvement piece of golf gear. In terms of playability, the Ping i Irons shoot straight, with straight being the default flight so to speak, though you can bend some shots if you really try. Being long irons, the Ping i Irons sometimes feel like hybrids with regard to their ability to hit high/soft landing (on the greens) shots and also they provide a fully controllable mid trajectory, making birdie hunting easy as pie.

    The Ping i Irons are competent on all types of lies and they’ll send shots straight on the target every time if used properly. In terms of forgiveness, the Ping i Irons are better than most in its class, i.e. you can miss the sweet spot and still reach the green. Definitely, there’s some game improvement mojo built inside these irons and that’s awesome in my book. In terms of distance control, the Ping i Irons are longer than the previous gen, providing minimal distance loss and boosting confidence like no other. The heavier head makes for a stable, shock free and painless sensation on ball impact and considering their clean, simple (even minimalist) design, the Ping i Irons are very easy to recommend. Bottom line, if you’re looking for performance without sacrificing forgiveness in the process, the Ping i Irons are the answer to your prayers, as they really deliver, being perfectly balanced and easy to hit considering what they really are, i.e. a low handicapper’s iron.