Ping G Irons Review
    © Ping Golf

    The Ping G are retailing for $800 in the steel version or $900 for the graphite variety (both prices are MSRP) and they fall into the game improvement irons category. To describe them in a few words, these babies are exceptionally long and fairly easy to hit. Also, at a closer inspection, the new generation looks better than ever before, while their forgiveness is ludicrous, I mean you’ll laugh at how good results you can get from lousy swings. It’s worth mentioning that if vanity is your favorite sin, the Ping G Irons are a match made in heaven for you. I mean, besides their exceptional qualities as game improvement irons, they really look like player’s clubs inside your golf bag and that’s pretty good for your ego.The first thing that will blow your mind about these babies is the chrome on the back of the iron. Yes, chrome on a Ping, figure that out.

    The real story though is how good the Ping G Irons really look at address, with their thin top line, thinner than ever actually, and the almost invisible sole at address. As per sound/feel, the new Ping G Irons offer a firm/nice click and you’ll definitely feel when you hit the ball dead on center, it feels like a trampoline of sorts. Off the heel and toe, there’s no trampoline anymore, if you know what I mean. However, the Ping G Irons can go for miles and miles, literally, due to the COR-E technology used by the company which makes the sweet spot larger, with the end result being exceptional forgiveness, almost unseen before. Another cool feature of the Ping G Irons is that they go incredibly far yet they land soft. Bottom line, this is as good as it gets folks, there’s no excuse for you not to bag the Ping G Irons, regardless what your skill level is. This babies are worth a swing.