Mizuno MP-54 Irons Review

    The Mizuno MP-54 irons are aimed at better players and they come with a price tag of $990/the steel version. The key technology incorporated into their built is the specially designed Pocket Cavity which promotes forgiveness and bolsters launch. The main attributes of the Mizuno MP-54 Irons are their penetrating, mid to low trajectories, and the huge amounts of playability, being perfectly capable of delivering consistent shots from any lie/turf, time after time, even from bad lies but without sacrificing maneuverability in the process. The Mizuno MP-54 irons are very good at providing “laser-guided” (as in consistent) flight and loads of forgiveness. Basically, no pin is off limits with these babies, being some of the most reliable irons I ever tried.

    The distance control is respectable, to say the least, as these irons are mainly built for control, not overwhelming power. The feel in the Mizuno MP-54 is solid, soft and stable, nicely balanced and smooth at ball impact. The design is classic, with a modern day blade look, stylish, a chrome finish and truly confidence-boosting. Bottom line, these are some of the best irons in their price-bracket and if you’re skilled enough, they’re able to make an above-average player great.