Mizuno MP-64 Irons Review

    The Mizuno MP-64 are described as better player irons and they retail for $999 in the steel version. When I first tested these babies, I had the distinct impression I’ve seen them before. After I heard that the Mizuno MP-64 irons were created with a lot of help from Luke Donald, especially when it comes to the grinds around the back/heel of the sole and in the turf interaction area, I understood where my deja-vu feeling was coming from. These irons have a wider sole than usual and subtle, smooth lines with a diamond back which gives more weight to the sweet spot thus contributing decisively to a solid feel upon ball impact.

    For a better-player oriented iron, the Mizuno MP-64 offers reasonable amounts of forgiveness, that being their most striking feature for me after playing a few rounds. The trajectory is awesome right throughout the set and I will have to recommend these babies to low single figures golf players seeking consistent, precise and workable irons. If you have a smooth swing these almost surgical irons will reward you with repeatable, precise results round after round. The Mizuno MP’s legendary feel is instantly recognizable in the MP-64 irons; their classic shape loaded with high tech features really boosts confidence and they’ll bring your game to the next level.