Mizuno JPX-850 Power Frame Irons Review

    The Mizuno JPX-850 Power Frame retail for $799 and they’re advertised as being the longest irons available on the market. Along with being impressively long, these babies are designed to improve significantly ball speed and thus distance, but the real challenge for Mizuno was to achieve these goals while keeping the head size in manageable limits. The power frame denomination represents the trademark design of Mizuno, which works wonders in terms of increasing the rebound area of the club’s face. This technology also brings increased levels of stability, especially when it comes to off center shots, it offers loads of forgiveness and workability and also consistent distance.

    The Power Frame thingy is also responsible for another great feature of the Mizuno JPX-850: the ball speeds are impressively consistent across the entire clubface; the relatively high COR is designed in such way that it doesn’t compromise the control and overall feel of the iron. When using the Mizuno JPX-850, you’ll find that it will help you deliver respectable distance while providing you with a solid feel, features that are pretty hard to find in this price bracket. The Mizuno JPX-850 Power Frame falls into the Max Game Improvement Irons category and it’s the top rated model, offering the best trajectory control possible and a manageable, pretty nice medium flight which is suited for both recovery shots and around the greens. One of the most remarkable things I have to mention about the Mizuno JPX-850 Power Frame irons is that they’re very predictable and if you use them properly, your shots will track the target perfectly, time and time again, and with loads of forgiveness and consistency throughout the day. Last but not least, these irons are great lookers, maybe the prettiest in their class and they can easily pass as a player’s club, not as game improvement irons. Which they are and they do their job with flying colors!