Mizuno JPX-EZ Forged Irons Review

    The Mizuno JPX-EZ Forged Irons fall into the category of game-improvement golf gear and they retail for $899 per set (the steel version). History buffs already know that these babies have some big shoes to fill, since they’re the direct descendants of the 825 Pro Irons, which were pretty awesome in their time. The JPX-EX irons are essentially targeted at golfers looking for a forged-feeling iron, that kind of aspiring/improving golfer with a soft spot for oversized-head irons which feature deep cavities running through the set. Ultimately, that’s the main design feature of these babies, a feature which comes with all sorts of advantages. Because as you may already know, great design usually comes with excellent “virtues” in almost every man-made object, ranging from the automotive world to golf gear. But enough with philosophy, let me tell you what I discovered after playing a couple of rounds with the JPX-EX Forged irons, courtesy of Mizuno. First, I must confess that these irons are the ideal choice for mid handicappers, because they’re built with a perfect balance between forgiveness and feel.

    These two features are here, in perfect harmony, there’s no compromise about feel, forgiveness and overall performance in these irons. Also, the JPX-EZ forged irons offer lots of speed and help at ball impact, yet they’re a tad firmer than the previous generation I told you before in my preamble. Another great achievement from Mizuno is that despite the fact that forged irons are usually on the heavy side (compared to cast irons), the JPX-EZ feel light as a feather during your swings, encouraging you to play more and offering plenty of speed in the process without noticeable effort. This may as well be thanks to the CORTECH face technology (a multi-thickness thingy) but regardless of who’s to “blame”, I’m glad that I have it around when I need it. Bottom line, if you’ re looking for the ultimate game improving iron, which offers loads of forgiveness and decent levels of workability, accuracy, consistency, speed and also reasonable distance, the JPX-EZ forged irons are very easy to recommend.