Cobra Fly-Z Pro Irons Review

    The Cobra Fly-Z Pro irons retail for $899 and were designed with pro-golfers in mind, as per their denomination. One can say that professional golfers acted as ambassadors to Cobra and the end result was an iron that met their specific demands. Hence, the Fly-Z Pro combines state of the art technology with a classic look and feel, features which are demanded by better players. Since the Fly-Z pro were designed specifically for the Cobra Tour line of irons, I must mention here the 5 step forging process used in their inception. The aforementioned forging process is aimed at delivering a solid yet soft feel at ball impact, thus providing the player with boosted confidence and consistency during the game.

    This Tour inspired iron features a compact footprint, being designed with minimal offset, a tad thinner topline and an optimum sole (in terms of width), to meet and exceed the demands of pro-golfers. Along with “doing requests”, Cobra packed these babies with its latest technologies and innovations in order to maximize the performance of the Fly-Z Pro irons. If I had to enumerate just a few, I’d tell you about the clever tungsten toe weight, which keeps the center of gravity as lower as possible, thus offering increased precision and control when it comes to ball trajectory. To further enhance control, Cobra used a CNC milled club-face and grooves. These help with increasing spin, with the end result being an iron which gives his owner superior abilities to hit a wide range of shots from any position. Another interesting design aspect is the Flow Set, as per Cobra’s parlance, which means that the longer irons (from three to six) feature a dual cavity transitioning to only one in the seven and eight irons. As a final note, the Cobra Fly-Z Pro irons were developed in collaboration with pro-golfer Rickie Fowler and the brainchild of this joint venture is an outstanding piece of golf gear which provides you with exceptional levels of precision, feel, workability and also great design in one single package. If you’re a golfing purist, you’ll fall in love with these babies in no time!