Cobra Fly-Z + Forged Irons Review

    Cobra’s Fly-Z + forged irons are aimed at better players and they retail for $899-the steel version; this is a very reasonable price given the fact that these irons are packed with high-tech for providing you with superior feel, accuracy and consistency during your game. The key technology incorporated into their built is the specially designed undercuts which allow the face to flex more upon ball impact, thus acting like a trampoline of some kind, increasing ball speed and distance.

    As I already told you, these irons aimed at better players are designed using a special technology which features a multi-material forged construction, a sort of composite material with tungsten inserts in the toe and heel; this clever approach places the center of gravity (CG) just behind the hitting area of the club’s face. In this way, Cobra created an iron which is very stable during your swings and gives the ball a higher launching trajectory. There’s also an aluminum plate located in the rear, very thin and light, cushioned by a special plastic material which dampens vibrations, thus providing you with an attenuated feel at ball impact. In my opinion, the Cobra Fly-Z + is an excellent option for golf players who enjoy traditional looking irons which offer loads of forgiveness, consistency, total control of partial shots, good feedback and stability. And I must add that these babies are suited for a wide range of handicaps than the regular irons.