CG Black CB Irons Review

    The Cleveland Golf Black CB fall into the category of max game improvement irons and they retail for $700 in the steel version or $800 for the graphite. In terms of design, I must confess that these babies look awesome with their black finish which reduces glare and makes them look way more expensive than they really are. As max game improvement irons aimed especially at better amateurs (it may sound strange but it’s not actually), they’re focused at helping players who swing under 90 miles per hour with the driver and they strive to achieve a higher launch trajectory and additional carry/distance. Now, it’s a well known fact that Cleveland manufactures excellent golf gear to suit all sorts of players, and the Black CB irons are a terrific example.

    If you’re a slower swinger, you’ll absolutely love these light irons which will definitely improve the speed and distance of your shots, and you’ll be able to hit a high flyer without drama and from any type of lie. Also, if you like high/straight hits, these irons will get the job done, being absolutely excellent for hitting draws. For a relatively light weight iron, the Cleveland Golf Black CB have good balance and they feel very lively and nice at ball impact. They’re very easy to swing and due to their progressive design featuring a hollow-hybrid chassis, the center of gravity is lowered for improving/raising the launch angles. As per accuracy and forgiveness, they’re pretty decent, especially for solid hits which are right on the mark and misses are not too far off anyway. If you swing them correctly and enthusiastically, you should expect consistent yardage round after round with minimal unhappy surprises. Bottom line, the CG Black CB irons are solid all-round performers providing you with decent amounts of forgiveness and ample distance and height.