CG Black Irons Review

    The CG Black Irons are specially designed for Senior/Women golfers and/or better amateurs, in order to allow them to carry the ball longer.  Basically, these babies which retail for $700 in the steel version and $800 in the graphite are super game improvement irons which help slower swingers/hitters to benefit from the specially designed club head that offers tons of speed. If you have a swing speed less than, let’s say ninety miles per hour, the CG Black Irons are the droids you’re looking for: you’ll be able to target significantly more flagsticks with less iron, and that’s awesome in my book!  Being aimed at amateur golfers, the CG Black range is an excellent blend/combination of forgiveness and distance at an affordable price and coming from a reputable golf gear manufacturer. What I’m trying to tell you is that you’ll enjoy these irons at least as much as I did when I tested them, and also that you won’t find a better deal/set of irons in this price bracket.

    Cleveland Golf designed these babies to be longer and more accurate than its direct competitors, and what they created in the end is a set of clubs offering accuracy and precision for a penetrating and accurate ball trajectory from any type of lie. The CG Black irons feature a hollow construction/chassis together with a further back/lower center of gravity, making your life easier i.e. helping with launching the ball higher. Bottom line, if you desire a set of irons which blend perfectly a higher launch trajectory and increased workability, these are it!