Callaway Golf Apex Pro Irons Review
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    The Callaway Golf Apex Pro fall into the better-player irons category and they retail for $1099. The key technology incorporated in their built is represented by the extra wide grooves which help provide a more consistent/increased spin and overall control over the ball’s trajectory. And playing a few rounds with the Apex Pro, I can definitely state the obvious: Callaway did an awesome job with these irons, as they play in a category I never imagined possible prior to testing these babies. The steel shafts are forged for a highly responsive and yet soft feel, and you’ll really appreciate the tungsten weights placed in the soles of the Apex Pro, aimed at improving launch conditions and also making them very easy to hit with. The wide grooves are designed for high-performance, as they offer a more consistent spin from any type of lie and in any situation imaginable. I mean, your strikes will have pinpoint accuracy from basically everywhere and the latest KBS Tour V shaft will add to the pleasure. This premium shaft delivers faster ball speeds, a piercing and controllable flight and a smooth feel, being built to optimize the energy transfer from the club’s face to the ball. The most remarkable features of the Apex Pro are its great feel (as in super stable and yet amazingly soft) and total control; these become obvious when you’re striking the ball hard and the sensation that you’re in control of your game is simply awesome.

    This iron can be described as a low stress all-rounder that offers everything to its owner: supreme control over ball flight at any distance, loads of forgiveness (it’s as user friendly as possible), but without sacrificing neither performance nor precision in the process. The design is simple, elegant and clean, in good Callaway tradition and the minimalist approach inspires confidence and doesn’t distract you from the game. Bottom line, this is the golden path all-rounder, the super-star, suave, smooth iron that will make your golf game worthwhile.