Callaway Golf Big Bertha Irons Review
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    The Callaway Big Bertha Iron retails for almost one thousand dollars the steel version and $1200 for the graphite. The hefty price tag comes for a reason: the Callaway Big Bertha plays in the big boys league, being placed in the category Max Game Improvement Irons. You know what that means, right? Basically, it doesn’t get any better than this. The Big Bertha is tip-top, high end stuff. As I already told you, there are two versions of this baby. The steel one is made using a 4–PW with True Temper Speed Step 85 steel shaft and the most expensive of the bunch uses a 4–PW with UST Mamiya Recoil 460 graphite shaft. For giving the ball more energy and speed, Big Bertha implemented a special/proprietary technology which consists in a strip of steel which runs heel to toe, just behind the face of the iron. Its purpose is to shift the center of gravity low and forward, in this way directing more power/energy into the ball during your swings. Using Big Bertha is a pleasure and I am sure that you’ll appreciate the ease with which you can launch high shots with minimal effort and, most important, without ballooning. It’s also very straightforward to hit the ball from any angle and to sweep from all kinds of lies.

    Shooting straight, far and accurate is the norm when using Big Bertha. In terms of forgiveness and accuracy, Callaway Big Bertha plays it to the max. I mean, it’s hard to find a more forgiving iron in this max game improvement bracket. Shooting the ball with this baby will give you a very tight dispersion, basically you’ll be in the game no matter how you hit the ball. Another reason for choosing Big Bertha is that it makes slices a thing of the past, nearly extinct. Since we’re dealing with a long iron, almost half a club longer than regular irons, once you get used to it you’ll discover that Big Bertha is a very reliable partner and its forgiveness will help you a lot with predicting the ball trajectory and distance. In terms of feel, the Callaway Big Bertha offers reasonable feedback and due to its sheer weight it feels like it hits the ball without any effort from your part. It’s simply awesome! Bottom line, this is a great iron packed with technologies which offers outstanding levels of forgiveness and very good distance, being a must-have (or at least try) for higher handicappers.