Callaway Golf Apex Muscleback Irons Review
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    The Callaway Golf Apex Muscleback retails for $1099 and it’s a tour inspired iron which delivers true tour performance. As you probably know, receiving feedback from Tour players is an essential part in designing a high-performance golf club. I bet that all major manufacturers incorporate into their golf gear the feedback received from the best golf players in the world and Callaway makes no exception to this golden rule. So, when Callaway’s Tour staff asked for a better, improved muscleback iron, which combines the high performance and great feedback you’d expect from a blade without compromising playability in the process, Callaway’s designing team response was Callaway Golf Apex Muscleback Irons! The function creates the organ, as Darwin said 200 years ago and that stands true today in the golfing world. As any elite golf player will tell you, the Callaway Apex Muscleback is designed and built around 2 main features: consistency and control. These are key components in a high-end golf club and the grooves on the surface are meant exactly for that (they’re basically the same grooves used in the XR Pro).

    What we’re dealing with here are wide, high performance grooves widely spaced across the face and they’re designed for giving consistency of spin, regardless the types of lies you’re hitting from or the playing conditions. And yes, they do the job admirably. The Callaway Apex Muscleback benefits from a premium built, i.e. a state of the art forging process using 1020 carbon steel for providing you with the softest feel/feedback thanks to its quad forged design, bringing home consistency and precision you’d expect from a professional piece of golf gear. Turf interaction at ball impact across any lies imaginable is made possible by the camber on the sole of the Callaway Apex Muscleback, which confers it more playability while it enhances precision to the max. Bottom line, if you can handle a true blade, go for Callaway’s premium forged irons, and never look back for anything else.