Adams Golf XTD Forged Irons Review

    The Adams XTD Forged Irons fall into the category of better player irons and they’re sold for $1099 in the steel version or $1199 for the graphite one. The key technology incorporated into their built is the Cut-Thru slot, which is strikingly similar to the one found in Adams hybrid irons. Its main purpose is to create a faster face while, in the same time, improving forgiveness. The forged blades are hollow and they consist of a maraging steel face, a carbon steel body and added weights (made of tungsten) for optimizing the center of gravity (the CG). After playing a few rounds with the Adams XTD forged irons, I discovered to my surprise that this club’s strongest asset is playability. That means you’ll benefit from a set of irons that will make any true shot-maker proud, enabling you to produce spot on medium ball flights on a whim, being easy to move low/high/left or right, from any lie and on any type of turf.

    The weighty sole will enable you to blast the ball fairly easy through all kinds of lies while offering tremendous amounts of accuracy and forgiveness. The levels of forgiveness in the Adams XTD irons are actually quite surprising, to say the least, along with playability (as I already told you) and the directional control they offer describes these babies as true point-and-shoot irons. In terms of distance control, these irons are fairly easy to calibrate even on partial shots and they will produce consistent lengths/distance round after round. The XTD have a punchy, meaty sensation at ball impact and the forged heads deliver excellent feedback to your hands during your swings. Bottom line, the Adams XTD forged irons are true shot-makers that are designed as an awesome combo between tradition and state of the art technology, being aimed at confident players who can benefit from their awesome levels of versatility and control.