Adams Golf XTD Irons Review

    The Adams XTD irons can be best described after the first impression they made upon yours truly after playing a few rounds with them: they’re by far the most forgiving set of irons I’ve ever used on the golf course. And on top of that, they also look awesome, with their stunning new-age design. Are you convinced yet? Well, let me tell you a little bit more then. The Adams XTD irons are created (designed and built) by a company running under the name of Adams Golf, one of the world’s top golf-gear manufacturers. Creating superior golf clubs is a modus-vivendi for Adams Golf and the XTD line makes no exception to that rule. Basically, the XTD are filled with high technology and outstanding features, being   among  the best game improving irons you can spend your hard earned dollars (from what I’ve tried until now, and they were a few ,trust  me on that). The black finish on the XTD irons with red/silver accents and the cool looking cross cavity technology makes them not only great looking, but it also puts their high-tech features in plain sight. For game improvement irons, the Adams XTD are from another world aesthetically speaking, when compared to their competition. And if vanity is not your favorite sin, well, let’s talk about performance: these irons sound like no other iron I’ve heard before.  The XTD sounds and feels more like a hybrid or a wood, hugely boosting confidence during your swings and offering tons of forgiveness on every shot, round after round.

    Another cool feature of the XTD irons is their proprietary face-technology which dampens the impact, thus drastically reducing vibration, creating a soft and pleasant feel upon ball impact. As I mentioned before in the preamble, these irons are incredibly forgiving and since Adams Golf moved the COG off the face using the cross cavity design, the ball stays firm on its desired trajectory, increasing distance and accuracy in the process. The cast iron face is very thin on the XTD and this feature gives it more pop upon ball impact across the face, resulting in a significant increase in ball speed and more distance respectively. Bottom line, the Adams Golf XTD irons are almost ideal game improvement irons, making your game absolutely fantastic and enjoyable and that’s maybe the most important thing, taking pleasure in your work, don’t you think?