Thomas Golf has brought a NEW type of Driver that will make any handicap golfer want to trade in that third wedge in the bag and carry two Drivers. Make room for this Alignment Patent designed Hybrid Driver.

Thomas Golf AT705 Hybrid Driver The Best New Second MiniDriver

The AT705 has a look and feel like no other with the Thomas Golf signature, patented Shot Accuracy Technology, alignment line on the top of the club giving the golfer a confident alignment with a target.

The Look: Over recent years, name brand drivers seem to be getting bigger, more colorful, and operating like a Swiss Army Knife with more add-ons every year. Some players are intimidated by Drivers that now have wrenches, screwdrivers, and weights to add on to the colossal head. If you are not looking for your driver to make you an espresso and scratch your back on the first tee box, than the AT705 will give you the smaller head, and shorter shaft you are looking for.

The Feel: With its smaller club head (230cc) and shorter than standard shaft, the AT705 Hybrid Driver delivers a Low Iron Hybrid feel with a strong loft Driver club head. Having this advanced shaft for a Driver gives an immediate aura of power combined with control. The Thomas Golf Brand offers free club fitting, by making the club just for you at the time you order, allowing the same sensation and vibe of adjusting a driver's seat in an luxury automobile to give the unmatchable feeling of comfort.

In The Bag: All avid Golfers have multiple wedges in their bag for a variety of different shots, depending on the scenario. If the shot calls for a flop over a bunker, than a high degree (58-64) wedge is used in the front of the stance. If you are 100 yards out, than a lower degree; (48-56) fuller, back of the stance shot is used to allow for backspin. Thomas Golf has now brought a similar feel to the Driver by issuing a Hybrid style. There is no better feeling than teeing up a ball to a wide open grass area with no trees or traps around for hundreds of yards where you can really let that 460cc driver rip. This, as you may find out, is not always the case. The same as not always having a full wedge swing to the green. Some holes start out narrow and force the player to hit a conservative drive off the tee with a wood or a low iron. Instead of trying to overpower a 3 wood or hit a knock down 4 iron, the AT705 can work as a second, more conservative Driver to its 460cc older brother without sacrificing too much distance.

The Swing: The AT705 Hybrid Driver has a controlled balanced swing that you are use to in a Hybrid club and the shorter shaft provides playability for better golfers and stability for beginners. The smaller club head and hybrid feel is reinvigorating when making contact with the ball. With a higher loft, (10.5 degree) the ball at impact has a controlled path to the desired target space making long shots fun.

On The Course: Par 5 problems usually happen on the second approach shot. There is always that little voice in your head telling you to go for it. Now you can go for most par 5's in two, by hitting a clean fairway shot with the AT705 Hybrid Driver. The AT705's advanced hybrid technology can do this with leaving the tee in your pocket and your conscience clean. Our mid-handicapper was able to hit the AT705 “off the deck,” placing several balls on the ground and getting most of them airborne with good distance allowing those mid sized par 5s to be reachable in two!

Come on Down: The AT705 Hybrid Driver is a one of a kind club that you can only find at This new design will have you thinking up new shots to try at the range, on the tee box, and in the fairway. The precise control and comfort of the club will make a downright dynamite addition to your set. With the sale price of $139, the only hard decision to make is what wedge will you leave in your truck.