Golf Swing Positions, Thomas Golf Alignment Check Guide

With their patented shot accuracy technology, every club made by Thomas Golf brand doubles as a training aid. The alignment guide on top of the club provides a quick and easy way to check golf swing positions if your body, arms and hands are rotating the club properly during the swing.

A separate tip explains how to use the Thomas Golf alignment aid to check your takeaway position. Here we’ll discuss what to look for after the club passes impact.

Using a Thomas Golf brand driver, fairway wood, hybrid or iron:

  • Take your typical address position.
  • Place the clubface behind the ball, square to your intended target.
  • On the takeaway, stop when the hands reach hip height; the club shaft should be at or near parallel to the ground.
  • Swing through and stop when the hands are hip-high and the shaft again parallel to the ground.
  • Look at your club’s alignment aid. If it’s horizontal, the clubface is square.
  • If the line points down in front of you, the clubface is open.
  • If the line points up in front of you, the clubface is closed.

As with the takeaway, the Thomas Golf alignment guide can teach you to rotate the hands correctly through impact. If you tend to hook the ball (severe right-to-left curve for right-handers), the clubface is likely closed in the follow-through position. Practice a release that holds the clubface slightly open as it passes through impact. If you suffer from a slice, work on rotating the arms and hands to put the clubface in a closed position.

Next, hit a series of shots with the same, shortened swing. Look at the alignment guide when you reach the key checkpoints, back and through. Once you gain a feel for the proper rotation, continue hitting balls using this mini-swing to ingrain the movement.

This drill will not only help fix flaws, you’ll learn to manipulate the clubhead in the impact zone – a key to advanced shotmaking.