Check Swing Positions with Thomas Golf Alignment Guide: Takeaway

The patented shot accuracy technology built into every Thomas Golf club can be used for more than correct alignment. It’s also a handy tool for examining your swing at critical junctures.

Let’s look at the takeaway. With a Thomas Golf brand driver, fairway wood, hybrid or iron:

  • Assume your normal address position.
  • Set the club behind the ball so the face is square to your target.
  • Take the club back normally, stopping when the hands reach about hip height and the club shaft is parallel to the ground.
  • If the alignment guide is horizontal, your clubface is square.
  • If the line points down in front of you, the clubface is closed.
  • If the line points up in front of you, the face is open.

The alignment guide can help you correct flaws that cause off-line shots. For example, if you tend to slice the ball (severe left-to-right curve for right-handers), you may find that your clubface is open on the takeaway. Practice taking the club back so the face is square or slightly closed when the shaft is parallel to the ground.

If you suffer the opposite problem (hooking the ball), you could be closing the clubface on the way back. Work on rotating the arms and hands to open it at the parallel point.

Once you’ve fixed any backswing errors, try hitting shots with the same short backswing described above, abbreviating the follow-through to match the hip-high hand position. Take a look at the alignment guide when you reach the backswing checkpoint. If it’s not where you want it, start over, repeating the takeaway until the clubface is in the desired position. Then hit the ball.

When you’re able to position the club correctly, back and through, on a consistent basis, keep hitting these mini-shots to instill the proper action. You can use the Thomas Golf alignment aid to check your follow-through in the same manner.