Hybrid Club 3 Iron

Y.E. Yang’s use of a hybrid club helped him steal an upset victory against Tiger Woods at the 2009 PGA Championship.

Leading by one stroke on the final hole, Yang used his #3 hybrid iron to clear a tree and a bunker, settling only 12 feet from the cup. This set up Yang’s birdie putt and a shout of joy, with pumped fists in celebration of a historic three-shot victory.

Here’s a breakdown of how a 3-hybrid helped Yang deliver: 

  • He could use a sweeping swing out of the first cut of rough, which provided full loft to the shot. Hit the ball high enough to clear the tree between him and the hole.
  • The high shot landed close to the pin with a small amount of roll, even from 200-plus yards.
  • The extra heel-to-toe forgiveness was a comforting insurance, because even if Yang missed the center of the club, the results would have been better than with a standard iron. 

All these hybrid advantages gave Yang the necessary confidence to pull off the shot under pressure.

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