Hybrid Club 3 Iron

Y.E. Yang’s use of a hybrid club helped him steal an upset victory against Tiger Woods at the 2009 PGA Championship.


Leading by one stroke on the final hole, Yang used his #3 hybrid iron to clear a tree and a bunker, settling only 12 feet from the cup. This set up Yang’s birdie putt and a shout of joy, with pumped fists in celebration of a historic three-shot victory.

Here’s a breakdown of how a 3-hybrid helped Yang deliver:

  • He could use a sweeping swing out of the first cut of rough, which provided full loft to the shot. Hit the ball high enough to clear the tree between him and the hole.
  • The high shot landed close to the pin with a small amount of roll, even from 200-plus yards.
  • The extra heel-to-toe forgiveness was a comforting insurance, because even if Yang missed the center of the club, the results would have been better than with a standard iron.


All these hybrid advantages gave Yang the necessary confidence to pull off the shot under pressure.

Using a hybrid golf club can be a game-changer for both amateur and professional golfers. Here's a story of how a top pro grabbed a victory with a hybrid golf club:

  1. Introduction: The tournament was reaching its climax, and the top pro found himself in a challenging situation. He was facing a long approach shot to a tight pin placement with hazards lurking around the green.
  2. Assessing the Situation: The top pro carefully evaluated the factors at play – the distance, wind conditions, pin placement, and potential hazards. He knew that a well-executed shot was crucial to secure victory.
  3. Choosing the Hybrid: Instead of reaching for a long iron or fairway wood, the top pro opted for his trusted hybrid golf club. The hybrid's versatility and forgiveness appealed to him, providing confidence that he could make a solid strike.
  4. Swing Execution: With a steady address and a focused mindset, the top pro made a smooth swing, harnessing the hybrid's unique characteristics. He struck the ball cleanly, producing a high launch and controlled trajectory.
  5. Ball Flight and Distance: The hybrid delivered an impressive ball flight, with a piercing trajectory that allowed the ball to cut through the wind. The shot traveled the intended distance, providing an optimal position for a birdie opportunity.
  6. Precision and Accuracy: The hybrid's forgiving nature, combined with the pro's skill, ensured that the shot landed precisely where intended. The ball found the green, setting up a makeable birdie putt.
  7. Impact on Momentum: The well-executed hybrid shot not only positioned the top pro for a potential birdie but also ignited a surge of confidence and momentum. It energized him and put pressure on his competitors, giving him an advantage as the tournament unfolded.
  8. Sealing the Victory: Capitalizing on the opportunity, the top pro converted the birdie putt, securing a crucial stroke advantage over his rivals. The momentum gained from the successful hybrid shot carried him to victory, providing a memorable and triumphant moment.
  9. Reflecting on the Hybrid's Role: The top pro acknowledged the significant role the hybrid played in his success. Its versatility, forgiveness, and ability to produce consistent results gave him the confidence to tackle challenging shots and make strategic decisions.
  10. Embracing Hybrid Technology: The top pro's victory with a hybrid club further solidified its place in his bag and highlighted the importance of embracing technology advancements in golf equipment. It served as a reminder to golfers at all levels that selecting the right club for the situation can be a game-changer.

In summary, the story of how a top pro grabbed a victory with a hybrid golf club showcases the club's versatility, forgiveness, and ability to deliver precise and powerful shots. It emphasizes the importance of selecting the right club for specific situations and harnessing the benefits of modern golf technology to excel on the course.

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