Sklz 12i Putting Mirror Trainer Review

    The Sklz 12i Putting Mirror Trainer retails for $34,99 and it's built and designed for helping you to feel and see the perfect putting stroke, together with promoting consistency and accuracy for your game. Long story short, the Sklz 12i Putting Mirror Trainer makes for great putter alignment practice and it will help you perform straighter putts if used regularly. The Sklz 12i Putting Mirror Trainer improves your putting consistency and accuracy thanks to its large mirror surface, which offers a complete view of your shoulder/head alignment over the ball, and it also features eight optional putting pegs, which will assist you as an exit gate, a path guide and for back stroke control. Depending on your personal preference, you can set the pegs for practicing a square, or, if you want, arcing putting for right or left hand use. The mirror is relatively light and rugged and it comes with a storage bag included in the package, for keeping it safe between practice sessions.

    The philosophy behind the creation of the Sklz 12i Putting Mirror Trainer is that improving your putting is of crucial importance when seeking to achieve lower scores on the golf course. For example, If you're averaging thirty six putts per round, your final score will definitely drop, as the average drops. So, the Sklz 12i Putting Mirror Trainer is aimed at helping you bring the score down via improved putting technique. The mirror is quick and easy to deploy and it allows you to correct your posture in no time, i.e. it helps you to achieve the ideal head and shoulder alignment, which translates further into a perfect putting stroke. The quality of the mirror itself is pretty good, durability is awesome and it comes in the perfect size for carrying on the golf course. Bottom line, even if you think your putting is great, just give it a try and thank me later.