Perfect Release Golf Swing Training Aid Review

    The Perfect Release Golf Swing Training Aid retails for $59,99 (MSRP) and according to its creators, it is the best golf trainer on the market today. After using it for a few days, I must tell you that the respective statement seems to be true; I mean, despite its looks resembling some kind of medieval torture device, the Perfect Release Golf Swing Training Aid will not hurt you a bit, it's very friendly and easy to use and its ultimate goal is to help you with synchronizing the movements of your arm and your body, while in the same time it promotes extension into the through-swing. Basically, if you perform a correct move, you'll keep the tension in the elastic band (green) throughout your swing, thus forcing your club to move along the ideal trajectory or path, creating the optimal shaft angles in the follow-through and the back-swing.

    Simple, clever and brilliant, right? The green elastic band serves for an additional purpose, i.e. to lessen the club's weight for your hands, allowing for lighter grip pressure and forcing your big muscles to take over and do most of the work. One great advantage of the Perfect Release Golf Swing Training Aids is that it's not useful just for practice/training sessions, but you can even hit balls, including chips and pitches. I should also notice that the Perfect Release Golf Swing Training Aid is the only one in the industry that trains and coaches the entire swing, ranging from the address position all the way through the back-swing, including a relaxed finish, and everything that lies in between. And just for the price of your regular round of golf, you'll dramatically improve your learning curve, and you'll be able to become a much better golfer in no time and lower your scores, while feeling what the golf pros feel.