Medicus DUALHINGE IRONS Swing Trainer

    The Medicus DUALHINGE IRONS Swing Trainer is a very clever device, built and designed for helping golfers to identify and then correct all their swing flows. I must confess that the idea behind the Medicus DUALHINGE IRONS Swing Trainer is absolutely awesome, and I'm talking about the dual hinge technology. To put it straightforward, the Medicus DUALHINGE IRONS Swing Trainer is basically a club that will break when you make a mistake, it's as simple as that folks. Its beauty is its simplicity and efficiency, together with a very clever design and engineering. Just consider this: when you're swinging with a Medicus club off tempo or off plane, it will break, as it features nine primary breaking points, and depending of the breaking point, you'll be able to determine with pin point accuracy what went wrong with your strike and which element of your swing requires adjusting and help.

    Pure genius, if you ask me folks. The patented Medicus DUALHINGE technology is fully adjustable, and it's designed for allowing you to make incremental changes, as your game improves, in order to prevent training plateaus and muscle fatigue. Once your swing gets optimized, the club will stop breaking, thus your overall game will become more consistent and more accurate, maximizing ball flight and distance and eliminating hooks and slices, shot after shot, round after round. Another feature that makes the Medicus DUALHINGE IRONS Swing Trainer to stand out from the crowd is the fact that it allows you to hit live balls, basically translating your practice sessions into real life play. It doesn't get any better than that!