HackersRx Teaching Training Aid Tool Review

    HackersRx Teaching Training Aid Tool Reviews

    The HackersRx Teaching Training Aids Tool is among the simplest and smartest golf training aids ever invented, and its genius consists in its simplicity and efficiency, together with its very affordable price. Using this training aid will work miracles in improving your game, helping you greatly with one of the main issues in golf for beginners: the alignment process. Unlike other training aids, the HackersRx Teaching Training Aid Tool is built and designed to address 3 core fundamentals in golf, in the process of making your game better, i.e. stance, aim and ball position.

    To describe it succinctly, the HackersRx Teaching Training Aid Tool is a relatively small, collapsible training and teaching device, one of the simplest training tools ever developed, and it consists of 3 telescoping rods and 2 plastic balls, which can be unfolded forming a T shaped configuration, fully adjustable for offering you various club positions. Also, this baby fits snugly in any golf bag, and it will provide you with consistent reference points regarding all the clubs in your paraphernalia and your desired shot shapes.

    Maybe the best argument for trying the HackersRx Teaching Training Aid Tool is the fact that it's currently used by LPGA and PGA tour professionals, for helping them to improve and refine golf fundamentals, and also by amateurs looking to correct their stance, ball position and aim, in order to become a better golfer.

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    For years, golfers have used golf clubs and other alignment methods to position the body to the target line, which is only part of the process to better your game. The HackersRx helps you look at and fix three core fundamentals of golf —Aim, Stance and Ball Position.

    What Is It?
    “HackersRx is a small, collapsible, portable teaching and training device consisting of three telescoping rods and two plastic golf balls that can be unfolded into a “T” configuration and is adjustable for a variety of club positions that will fit in any golf bag”. .
    HackersRx is being used by golf professionals all over the world; club pros, PGA and LPGA tour pros and teaching pros all recognize the clarity that this device brings to understanding the fundamentals that are often taken for granted. Professionals get the help to refine good fundamentals as well as amateurs to correct their stance, aim and ball position, all of which are keys to becoming a better golfer.

    How Does It Work?
    The rods are folded out into a “T” with the one of the balls positioned at the intersection of the rods and the other at the end of the rod pointing directly away from the golfer. From there you determine where you stand in relation to the “T”. You can work on any club in your bag and the position that the ball needs to be in. You can determine exactly how far the ball needs to be from your body at address. The Hackers Rx then allows you to repeat these things over and over to develop that repeatable process and take it to the course.

    This type of practice is not new. Golfers have had their own special drills and practice techniques that they use for years. What the Hackers Rx does is make it understandable for golfers of all levels and easy to use.
    For more information, and to buy visit www.hackersrx.com