Blast Motion - Blast Golf Replay Motion Sensor Review

    Blast Motion – Blast Golf Replay Motion Sensor Review

    The Blast Motion – Blast Golf Replay Motion Sensor is a high tech solution for golf players struggling with their 3 putts, a problem which appears usually because you can't control time. Well, that statement was true until now. Enter the Blast Motion, featuring a special sensor which captures and records your stroke metrics and it assists you with analyzing the data collected. On top of that, the The Blast Motion will provide you with custom made drills for improving your timing, hence leading to more putts. To get started quickly, you'll first have to charge your sensor, using the wireless charger included in the package. Afterwards, you'll have to pair the Blast Motion sensor with your smart-phone/tablet by downloading and installing the dedicated app on your smart device, then you'll have to register your account and follow the step by step instructions displayed on your screen , for syncing your app with your sensor.

    The next step is to attach your Blast Motion sensor on the butt of your club, using the included grip attachment and you're almost ready to go, i.e. to take a stroke. To get the general idea, the The Blast Motion is so spectacular and so efficient, that it's used by dozens of pro golfers, by PGA and LPGA, being that kind of golf gear from which every golfer, regardless his skill levels, will benefit greatly. The Blast Motion is very easy to attach to clubs and putters, without interfering with your game at all, and you can use it to replay/share your metric/video highlights on social networks. Needless to say, the Blast Motion will dramatically improve your putting experience in the greens, being also one of the best golf swing analyzers in the industry. The Blast Motion comes with Bluetooth connectivity which makes it very easy to connect/sync with any tablet or smart-phone, and it features patented motion detection algorithms for putting metrics capturing, full swing metrics capturing, smart video capture and adaptive slow motion technology. The Blast Motion sensor will record all your actions on the golf course in real time and it will help you to determine which are the areas you need to work on in the future.