Analyze Your Own Game with SwingSmart

Sure, you get tons of great game-improvement tips here at But wouldn’t it be awesome if you had the means to collect pertinent data on every swing and stroke, then analyze it yourself or send it to an instructor for feedback?

Yes, it would. And you can do just that with the SwingSmart Duo Self-Training System.

The gadget clips to the underside of any club shaft, from driver to putter. Make a swing and it captures your clubhead speed, attack angle, face angle at impact and tempo. Hooked up via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet, SwingSmart breaks down the info in 3D and 360° formats, allowing you to review and compare separate swings side by side. You can also send the info to a golf teacher for review and advice.

The whole system retails for $249.99 and includes several small components. It’s driven by a free, downloadable app.