Why Do Women Golfers Use Different Swings For Drivers And Irons When Playing Golf Shots 1

    Women golfers need to use a different swing when playing shots with a driver and iron due to the length difference between the two clubs. If we look at a driver and an iron, with the end of both of the handles set the same, we can see a distinct length difference between the clubs.

    We can also see that because of this length difference the clubs lie at different angles, the driver has a much lower angle and the iron a more upright position when sitting correctly on the floor. This is the reason that the swings to play these different clubs are different. The angle that the iron sits at requires a more upright and steeper swing, which then promotes a downward strike towards the ball. So the set up for this club also reflects this. Your weight is placed on your left foot, with your head over the ball and hands forward. The ball position is from the centre of the stance forwards, dependent upon the iron being used and the club head moves on an upright swing arc.

    The driver, sitting flatter to the ground, requires a flatter more rounded swing arc, that creates a more sweeping action into the ball. Due to this more rounded swing arc, the ball needs to be played more forward in the stance to allow the time required to square the club face to the target. Your weight should be placed 60% on your right foot to encourage a flatter movement with the club head and as the club is longer, your stance width should be wider to accommodate the higher club head speed that can be achieved due to the wider swing arc.

    Playing your driver and iron shots with these points in mind the next time that you are at the range or out on the golf course will improve your game and help you to achieve lower scores.