What Is The Right Golf Swing Sequence, Women Golfer Tip 1

Using the right golf swing sequence will help you produce longer, more accurate and more consistent golf shots.

During your backswing, the movement should begin with you taking the club head away from the golf ball with your left shoulder (for right handed golfers). You should address the ball with your feet shoulder width apart, your back straight and tilted forward at the hips, your knees slightly flexed and with good balance.

Create a position with the club and your left arm (right handed golfers) so that you have a straight line from your left shoulder to your left hand and then down to the club head. Your left shoulder should instigate the movement of the club head to the right, whilst maintain the straight line relationship from your shoulder through your left hand and down to the club head.What Is The Right Golf Swing Sequence, Women Golfer Tip 2

Once your hands have moved across your right thigh, you should now hinge your wrist correctly so that the shaft of the club becomes horizontal. Your shoulders continue to rotate as the club head moves upwards from the hinge of your wrist, and you will notice that your weight has slightly shifted on to your right foot.

Continue rotating your shoulders 90 degrees to the right of their start position and allow your hips to now also slightly rotate to the right. This creates a position at the top of the backswing where your left arm is straight, your wrist has cocked, shoulders have rotated 90 degrees to the right and your hips are 45 degrees to the right.

The correct sequence of movement on your backswing is to move your shoulders, arms, wrists and then hips – you move the highest body part first and the movement flows down your body.

On your downswing this sequence is reversed. The correct sequence on your downswing is to move from the ground upwards. Begin your downswing by rotating your knees towards the target and then rotate your hips left towards the target. This will allow you to move your weight across to your left side and on to your left foot. The movement then flows up into your torso and into your shoulders as you are striking through the ball.

This sequence allows you to create power and will help you to produce much more distance and shots that fly further.