How To Get The Best Rotation Walk Through Swing Drill, Golf Tip For Women 1

Rotation in the golf swing is essential in producing a consistent connection with the golf ball during impact, power and speed for maximum distance and directional control over your golf shots. It is important to make a rotational movement in your body to the right as you swing back and then to make a rotational movement to the left as you make your downswing and follow through.

If you struggle to achieve good rotation during your golf swing try this drill. Set up in a well balanced address position and make your backswing. As you swing down, allow your right side (for right handed golfers) to walk across you body and then continue to walk towards the target. Once you are getting a feel for this, begin to hit golf shots and walk after them. Walking after the ball, down the target line, allows your body to rotate through the shot correctly, and therefore produce maximum power and distance for your golf shots.

Gary Player used this drill constantly when out on the golf course to achieve better rotation though his shots and you would always see him walking after the ball immediately after hitting it. Try this drill in practice and then once you are comfortable with it introduce to your game when you are out on the course.

You will see an improvement in your ability to rotate and increased power, accuracy and consistency in your golf shots.