What Is A Stack And Tilt Golf Swing, Golf Swing Tip For Women 1

The Stack and Tilt golf swing at its most basic level can be broken down into the following key components:

  • Weight forward
  • Shoulder down
  • Hands in
  • Straighten leg
  • Arms straight
  • Tuck in

  • A Stack and Tilt golf swing sees a player set up with slightly more weight on the lead leg, the left for right handed golfers. Approximately 55% of your weight begins on the left side and during the backswing this actually increases up to 60% on your left side.

    During the downswing this increases again to 75-80% at impact and then on to 95% at the end of the follow through. This reduces a player's head or body sway during their backswing and keeps them more over the ball.

    During a Stack and Tilt golf swing, the left shoulder turns downwards on the backswing rather than inwards. This helps to maintain the player's head height and centredness of shoulder turn, improving their stability and it is a key requirement for a Stack and Tilt swing.

    As you swing back with a Stack and Tilt method, your hands follow more of an arc on the backswing rather than moving straight back. The Stack and Tilt method sees the hands moving across the base of the bicep rather than through the middle of the chest.During the backswing, the right knee also straightens with a Stack and Tilt golf swing rather than remaining flexed as with a more traditional method. What Is A Stack And Tilt Golf Swing, Golf Swing Tip For Women 3The right knee becomes flexed again during the downswing and then the left knee straightens on the follow through as with a traditional golf swing.

    The left arm remains straight throughout the backswing as a traditional swing would display but both arms becomes straight through impact using the Stack and Tilt method, rather than just the left.

    The final characteristic of this swing method is that the hips tuck during the follow through. The simplest way to describe this movement would be that your belt should finish in a higher position from the ground than it started in and your hips should finish tucked in underneath your torso.

    These are the key elements to a Stack and Tilt golf swing.