In this golf tip video we are going to discuss the slice.

The Slice Golf Shot. What Is The Cause Of This Problem And How Women Golfers Can Cure It 1

A slice golf shot is one where the ball starts to the left of the intended target (for right handed golfers) and then curves to the right during it's flight, finishing right of the target. This shot occurs when a golfer swings the club head on an out to in swing path with an open club face.

The easiest way of understanding what this means is to place an alignment pole on the ground to represent the target line, or the line that we want to hit the ball down.

The far side of the alignment pole is the outside of the target line and the side that you stand on is the inside of the target line. If you swing the club head along this line, with the club face aiming down this line you will hit a straight golf shot.

However, if you are hitting a slice your club head is travelling from the far side of the target line, the outside, to the inside of this line. As the club head is travelling in this direction, the club face is pointing to the right of this swing path but not to the right of the target. The ball initially flies left of the target as that is where the club face is aiming, but the difference between the direction of travel of the club head (swing path) and the angle of the club face, now creates backspin on the ball which has a tilted axis, producing the curve that you see left to right during the ball's flight. The bigger the difference between the swing path of the club head and the club face angle, the more tilted the backspin axis becomes so the more curved you see the ball flight.

The main reason for the club head swinging on an out to in swing path is because you are making an over the top movement when you start your downswing. If we look from the side, as you begin your downswing the club head is moving over the top of your hands resulting in it ending up on the far side, the outside of the target line. To hit the ball from this position you have to now pull the club head towards the ball which results in the club head moving over the target line to the inside. To correct this movement in the club head and therefore straighten up your ball flight, we need to swing the club head along the target line and ensure that the club face is pointing in the direction that the club head is travelling in.

To achieve this, place a range basket on the outside of the target line, approximately four inches on the outside and one inch to the right of the golf ball. You should be able to swing your club head past the basket without hitting it, but the basket should be close, there shouldn’t be a big gap between the club head and the basket. Make some practice swings and work on swinging inside the basket to the ball. If you hit the basket it is the evidence that you need to know the club head was on the far side, the outside, of the target line. Once you are feeling more confident with swinging the club and not hitting the basket, put the ball back in and work on the same movement.

If you keep your club face pointing along the target line when swinging the club head in this way you will be hitting straight golf shots in no time!