Keep A Balanced Body For Best Swing Results, Ladies Golf Tip

    If you look at any of the leading Tour Players today you will notice that they all have fantastic balance throughout their golf swing.

    They set up and begin their golf swing from a stable, well balanced address position and maintain their balance throughout the swing, finishing in a stable position that they maintain until the ball has finished moving. These players understand the value of balance throughout their golf swing in producing accurate and consistent results and working on improving your balance should be a major part of your technical improvement.

    To address the ball in a well balanced position, set up with your feet shoulder width apart and generally keep your weight evenly split between your left and right foot. If you want to hit the ball slightly higher, place slightly more weight on your right foot (for right handed golfers) and conversely, if you wish to hit a lower shot place more weight on your left side. However, for a standard golf shot, keep your weight evenly balanced between your left and right side. As you take up your posture and tilt your spine forwards, work on maintaining your balance between your toes and heels. As you tilt forward you do not want the majority of your weight on your toes. Keep your weight on the balls of your feet, or under your shoe laces to achieve a well balanced and athletic start position to swing from.

    Once you have achieved this position to begin your swing from, swing the club away from the golf ball and keep your head position static. Work on maintaining the balance between your left and right foot and between your toes and heels. Placing too much weight on your right foot as you swing back from the ball will cause you a variety of problems at impact, as will rocking back on to your heels, so maintain your balance.

    On your downswing, you need to rotate your lower body and then upper body towards the target and this will result in your weight shifting more on to your left side through impact until the majority of your weight is balanced on your left side at the end of your golf swing.

    More consistent players are able to hold their finish position until the golf ball has finished moving, so to encourage this into your own golf swing, work on holding your finish position with great balance for a minimum of a count of three seconds. The longer you can hold your finish the better, as it shows you had more balance throughout your swing and the more your balance improves the easier it will become to strike the golf ball from the middle of the club face.

    Work on improving your balance and you will see an improvement in the length, accuracy and consistency of your golf shots.