Hold the End of the Golf Swing to Create Better Balance

Watching golfers on the PGA tour, you will often see how well they finish after each and every swing. They hold a beautiful, poised, balanced position. This is not just so they can get the sponsors logos on the TV cameras; this is a functional part of the golf swing and should be an important part of your technical improvement too.

If you start your golf swing in a consistent, stable, balanced setup position, you should be able to make a good, consistent, stable, balanced backswing. The same applies for your downswing. If you finish in a stable, balanced and consistent follow-through position, your swing will follow the same arc power and speed to get to that position. If your body starts in position A and finishes at position C, you should consistently pass through position B. However, if your swing starts at A and travels to position D, it may not always travel through the same impact area producing the same shots.

Next time you are at the practice range, try to focus on holding a poised and balanced follow-through position for each and every golf ball for a least the time it takes for the ball to land. This should be up to 4 to 5 seconds. As the ball flies through the air and as it bounces, notice where your body weight is positioned. For the right-handed golfer, all of your bodyweight should be on your left leg and your right leg should be up onto the tiptoe. The chest and hips and head should be all facing to your target and you should not feel like you're straining to maintain your balance.

Practice this on a regular basis from a flat, practice range mat and then try to take the same level of consistency on the golf course during your next round. You may be surprised that what you do after you hit the ball can influence what you do before you hit the ball.