If you look at the world's leading golfers today, you will notice that they all have varying swing speeds. Some players, like Ernie Els, have a very easy, lethargic look to their movement and some, like Tiger Woods, have a much quicker and faster, more aggressive pace or tempo. But both are fantastic golfers.

    Fast Golf Swing Is Alright Key Is To Keep It Consistent, Women Golfer Tip 1

    There is not one correct tempo to swing your golf club at. The key to tempo or rhythm is to keep it consistent. As an example, let's think about two songs that we know, one is quite slow and easy listening, very relaxing, whereas the other is much quicker, more of a dance or party piece that gets you up and moving about. Both have rhythm, just a different rhythm and both maintain the same rhythm throughout the song.

    Whether you swing your golf club faster or slower does not matter. It’s the fact that you need to keep the rhythm consistent throughout your movement that’s the key. One good way to work out whether a slower or faster pace is best for you is to notice how you walk. Are you someone who likes to saunter along when you walk, with everyone else overtaking you or are you the person doing the overtaking? Notice what your natural rhythm is from how you walk and then start to copy that rhythm into your golf swing.

    Keeping a consistent tempo would see you swinging the club back towards the ball three times quicker than you moved away on your backswing. Count to yourself to create consistency. 1,2,3 on the backswing and the hit on 4, but whether you say/swing quickly or slowly does not matter, it’s the fact you are saying 1,2,3 on the backswing and 4 on the hit.