What Is The Best Time To Increase Your Golf Swing Speed 1

    Golf is a game of power and speed. As you make your backswing, you are loading up the power and the speed. The question now is when do you release the power and the speed?

    Many golfers hit from the top. This term implies that they impart maximum effort at the top of their backswing to try and accelerate the golf club as quickly as possible towards the golf ball. Although this can feel natural, it is often a fault that creates further complications in the downswing and impact area.

    The correct movement should be a gradually increasing club head speed which reaches maximum velocity just before, during, and after impact. Hitting from the top not only wastes power in an inefficient part of the swing, it can also cause problems with the swing path.

    Applying the power slowly, gradually and throughout the downswing will allow the club to stay on path for longer and therefore provide more consistency and accuracy.

    If you feel that you are currently trying to hit the ball very hard but with less than satisfactory results, consider that you may be hitting from the top. In order to stop this motion, try to allow the golf club to fall more slowly at the start of the downswing before focusing on cracking the whip with your wrists at the ball.

    A fast releasing wrist and forearm action will accelerate the golf club at the desired motion and time, trying to feel like the cracking of the whip happens below waist height.

    Done correctly this accelerates the golf club at the desired time for maximum accuracy and distance.