Blocked Golf Shots To The Right; The Cause And How To Stop This As Women Golfers 1

    Blocked golf shots are shots that fly straight but to the right of your intended target. These are produced when the club head approaches the ball too much from the inside.

    If we place an alignment pole on the ground to represent the line we want to hit our golf shots down, the far side of this line is the outside and the side that you are standing on is the inside. Blocked shots are hit when the club head, instead of travelling along the target line as the club hits the ball, travels along too much of a curve from the target line on your side, or the inside, of the target line. With the club face pointing in the direction that the club head is travelling in, a blocked shot is produced. It flies straight, but to the right of the intended target.

    To correct this golf shot try the following drill. Place a head cover to the right of the golf ball by about one inch and just on the inside of your target line. If you are not sure where this is, before you play your shot, place an alignment pole or club on the floor so that it is pointing directly where you want to hit your golf ball to. Place it in a position where the golf ball is at the far end of the alignment pole/club. Now stand as though you were going to take your stance up and place your head cover one inch to the right of the ball but one to two inches inside the alignment pole/club on the floor.


    You are now set up ready to play shots. Keep replacing balls in the same place and work on swinging around the head cover both as you swing the club away from the ball and especially as you swing back down towards the ball. If you hit the head cover as you approach the golf ball this will show you that the club head is too much on the inside and not swinging directly along the target line. Keep practising this until you can hit the golf ball without moving the head cover. Remember, once you are swinging the club regularly without hitting the head cover you also need to keep your club face aiming along the target line and towards your target as you do this to hit a straight shot.

    If you work on the drill on the range and get really good at swinging your club head around the head cover and then into the golf ball, you will be hitting much straighter and more accurate golf shots, that you can then take out on to the golf course with you and you will see a massive improvement in your golf game.