Best Ways To Handle Uphill Chip Shots, Ladies Golf Tips

When faced with an uphill chip, you need to bear in mind that you will not get the usual amount of run on the shot, no matter which golf club you are playing the shot with.

Because the uphill slope will minimize the amount of roll on the golf ball, play the shot with more club than usual so if you would usually play an 8 iron, play a 7 iron instead to help get the ball up the slope.

The best way to handle uphill chip shots is to alter your address position to allow you to swing the golf club with the slope. For shots played on flat surfaces, you set your spine perpendicular to the floor and generally have your shoulders parallel to the surface you are on. We need to adjust your set up position on an uphill shot to create your shoulder being parallel to the slope and your spine perpendicular to the floor. To do this, place more weight on to your lower foot. This will allow you to tilt your spine until your shoulders become parallel to the slope that you are playing from. You are in a position to swing the club down the slope on your backswing and then back up the slope as you swing towards the ball, allowing you to clip the ball crisply from the turf. Play the ball slightly more towards your higher foot than usual to allow the club face time to aim at the target but work on swinging with the slope.

Try the following drill to help improve your touch on this shot. Place a hoop or two clubs on the floor to create an area to bounce the ball into. Set up with your weight on your lower foot and the ball towards your higher foot. Ensure that your shoulders are parallel to the slope. Create a straight line from your left shoulder down your left arm to your hands and then continue this line down the shaft of the golf club to the club head. Maintain this straight line throughout the shot and swing back and through the ball and equal distance with the club head. If you swing the club head three feet away from the ball on your backswing, then swing it three feet through the ball on your follow through.

Play shots at the hoop/target area between the clubs and work on swinging bigger and firmer to hit the shot further or smaller and softer to hit the shot closer. Work on getting the ball to bounce first bounce in the hoop/area. Play shots at the hole, working on whether you need a bigger, firmer swing or smaller, softer swing until you are chipping really close to the hole, within two club lengths of the hole. Play until you have ten golf balls, all within two club lengths of the hole and then count up how many attempts it took.

Work on improving this and this will get you chipping really well from uphill lies.