Best Putting Drill: Tee Drill For Square Impact, Women's Golf Tip
    Whenever you play a golf shot, whether a putt or a full swing with your driver, all that matters is that you create a square impact with the club head.

    Square impact simply means that the golf face returns back to the ball aiming along the target line, or at a ninety degree angle to the target line, as it connects with the golf ball. If you achieve a square impact as you strike the golf ball, the ball will be struck directly along the target line, if the club head is also swinging along the target line.

    If the club head strikes the ball and it is not square, but aiming to the right, then the ball will start right of the target. If the club head strikes the ball with the face aiming to the left of the target then the ball will now start left of the target. Square impact, that is the club face aiming directly along the target line with the club head swinging directly along the target line, is therefore absolutely crucial to striking the golf ball, accurately along the target line.

    A great drill to work on when you are next practising your putting, is the following tee drill. You will need to take eight tee pegs to the putting green with you. Position your putter ready to putt. You do not need to putt at anything with this drill, however, if you want to you can. If you are putting towards the hole, you need to read the green and then place an alignment pole, or use the shaft of one of your golf clubs, to show you where the target line is that you need to begin the putt along.

    Take two tee pegs. Position your putter head so that the putter face is aiming directly along the target line and place one tee peg on the outside of the toe of the putter and the other on the outside of the heel of the putter. So the putter head is positioned between these two tee pegs and it can swing between them but without having a great deal of room between them. Now move two inches to the right along the alignment pole and do the same along with the next two tee pegs. Then repeat this again until all eight tee pegs are in position. This will have created a tee peg channel for you to swing the putter head through, with the target line directly through the middle of this channel.

    Swinging the putter head between the tee pegs without striking any of them will now have you swinging the putter head directly along the target line. All you now need to work on is keeping the putter face aiming along the target line, or down the middle of the tee peg channel and you will create a square impact between the putter head and the golf ball, as you strike it.

    This drill will get you hitting much more accurately and you will notice that you begin to hole more putts when you have worked on this drill and have become more practised at it.